Welcome to Dauntless Stewardship

So what is Dauntless Stewardship?

Dauntless: because we know going in that the journey is not going to be comfortable, but we commit up front to never look back.

Stewardship: because we are entrusted with our lives by the living God, and will be called on to give account for what we did with them.

So first things first. How do we prepare to be faithful stewards of our lives, knowing from the outset that the way will be difficult?

We lay a foundation directly on Christ who is not constrained by the stresses and strains of this temporary life, a foundation that will weather any storm.

I have been studying this approach and believe I have come to a useful discovery - one that simplifies the process somewhat.

It appears that God works in our lives, conforming us to His image, through the means of His word. So inputing His word into our hearts "jump-starts" the process.

In the simplest form we can read or listen to the Bible, first just for basic familiarity, then with the question in mind "what does this have to say to me today?"

Once some time has been spent in this proceeding the next step is to begin actual memorization. To assist with this process I have begun work on a new project Memorize Live